Something amazing

                                                               "My amazing garlic olive oil" 

A friend of mine once gave me a bottle of garlic olive oil  and actually took me a while to try it  just because I forgot about and one day I gave it a try.  So I used  just enough of this fragrant oil to seared my fish fillet and I was amazed with the aroma and the taste of it. I was using it all the time until I ran out then I thought that perhaps I could make some of this gold oil myself. I started my research on how to make garlic olive oil at home and of course there are many ways to do it and I failed many times but practice makes perfect and ever since I finally reached my expected  results, to me the garlic olive oil is a "must have" in my pantry. Here is how I make it; 
You will need  four or five skewers (thin ones like  toothpicks) , twenty perfectly peeled garlic cloves without cuts or cracks, enough extra virgin olive oil to fill up the jar you are going to use . Each skewer must have five peeled garlic cloves please careful  not to break the garlic when inserting the skewer. Then put each garlic skewer inside a clean jar, fill it up with olive oil enough to cover the skewers, close it tightly and place the jar inside your pantry for ten days. After ten days you will have your garlic olive oil. I always bake the same garlic cloves that infused the oil, rap them with aluminium foil 10 to 15 minutes on a 350 oven and the garlic will turn into a delicious garlic paste ready to spread on your favorite bread ( don't forget to add salt and pepper) .                                  

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