Delicious Healthy Chicken Enchiladas.

My delicious, healthy easy to make chicken enchiladas is one of a kind. It is a light "quick" recipe, the chicken is moist and full of flavor, very Mexican but with a twist, my version.

For this recipe you will need;
Corn tortillas, sorry but flour tortillas to me doesn't count if you really want the taste of Mexico corn tortillas are the ones, always. a bunch of cilantro, one  whole chile jalapeno with seeds, tomatillos (Mexican green tomatoes) about 9 or 10 of them, half onion, one clove of garlic, one cube of chicken broth and one roasted chicken breast ( please check my recipe "The Best Roasted Chicken Breast Ever" )

 Take the tomatillos to a hot boiling water  and let them cook for 15 minutes , cover the pot and let them rest for 5 minutes.

 Put the tomatillos with a little bit of the cooking water, cilantro, onion, garlic,  the chile jalapeno and the chicken broth in the blender and mix them all. I don't add salt because the chicken broth has enough already but you can always adjust to your taste.

And it is going to look just like this green smooth sauce.
Beautiful green tomatillo sauce, the kitchen starts to smell like a Mexican restaurant!
Lets assemble the enchiladas on corn tortillas with shredded chicken and fresh Panela cheese which is one of my favorite cheese in Mexico, it is white, soft, low fat and keeps the moist of the chicken  but you can always use low fat Manchego or even  fresh Mozzarella (even better) will work perfectly as well.
Lets roll them up and set them on a baking tray which I sprayed with a little of Pam Olive oil. I use aluminum foil to avoid a mess. 
Cover the enchiladas with the tomatillo sauce and low fat Mexican crema.
Then again put some more of the Panela cheese or the cheese of your taste and take to a preheated  400 f. oven for 15 minutes.
I love have my enchiladas with avocado, mango, cucumber, cherries tomatoes salad and the salad dressing is nothing but a drizzle of lime, olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper, deliciously fresh!

Buen provecho! Enjoy it!


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  2. Thank you Roxel, I hope my healthy recipes will inspire and give you new ideas on cooking healthy, tasty, healing food.