Cherry Tomatoes Whole Wheat Pizza

This is my healthy-in-a-hurry or food-fast (not fast food) recipe that never fails. I can't imagine myself eating anything anywhere just because I am hungry and worse yet in a hurry, I refuse.
 I remember once my sister and I and hubbies took a road trip to Guatemala and when was that time to stop and eat, those guys would just eat anything. What about my sister and I? Seriously if we couldn't find a place that would serve us anything with vegetables (real vegetables, not canned) we would just not eat at all but as we persisted, we always found someone somewhere nice to serve us rice beans and a salad most likely lettuce tomatoes and onions, perfect!
I just think we should take more care of ourselves and our health, time is not an excuse. I don't find the time to cook healthy fast food, I make the time. This recipe as you can see has four ingredients not counting salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Here is how:
Preheat oven to 400f
1/3 cup of  light ricotta cheese
About six or seven cherry tomatoes of each yellow and red cut in thin rings
1 tbsp dried basil , I just absolutely love basil
One whole wheat flat bread instead of the white ones.
Salt and Pepper.
Balsamic vinegar just enough to drizzle right before serving.
Olive Oil.

 When ready,  lightly spray an oven sheet with non-stick olive oil spray and take pizza to the oven for ten minutes so the cheese, tomatoes, basil will release their flavor while the flat bread gets crispy.

There you have, a delicious healthy-in-a-hurry whole wheat pizza. I sparkled more of dried basil and drizzled a good extra virgin olive oil and some drops of balsamic vinegar. Yum! So delicious at the first bite! and of course let your imagination flows and add some olives, capers, artichoke hearts or whatever healthy ingredient you have. Now, you can always make a batch if you have your family and friends along with you.

                            and bon appetite! I hope this recipe will inspire you next time you are hungry in a hurry. :)

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