Healthy Breakfast

This is one of my favorite breakfast. Delicious, healthy, light and can be prepared in minutes, will keep you full for hours. Not only that but each ingredient has important healthy benefits such as:

*2 slices of whole wheat bread (Good source of fiber and magnesium)
*1 sliced in big pieces good size of Porto Bella mushroom (has fiber, proteins, low calorie low sodium)
*2 cups of spinach leaves (Iron, fiber, vitamins K, vitamin A)
*1 cup halved cherry tomatoes (antioxidant lycopene, vitamins C, B6 and A)
*1 cup of parsley leaves (vitamins C, A, K powerful antioxidants)
*1 cup cut in cubes Zucchini ( B complex, zinc)
*Eggs (proteins, calcium, vitamin E)
* 2 tbsp natural Yogurt (Vitamin D which protects your bones, rich in protein, calcium)
*1 tsp Cayenne pepper (culinary and therapeutic purposes for centuries. it contains capsaicin which fights cancer cells also contains beta carotene, vitamins A,E,C and B complexes)
*1 tsp dried basil (contains vitamins A, K, C and omega 3)
1 tsp of Paprika (extremely high in vitamin C)
*1 small clove of garlic finely chopped  (garlic is powerful, reduces cholesterol, antibiotic, antioxidant)

 I first saute zucchinis and the portobello mushroom on a skillet with just a tbsp of olive oil

Then I add the cherry tomatoes and saute for about one minute or so.

I add spinach last for another minute for it cooks faster then the rest of the ingredients and season with Kosher salt, pepper, dried basil, paprika and cayenne pepper. Break two eggs and carefully place them over the mix, cover for couple minutes on low heat.

 Serve eggs and veggies over two slices of whole wheat bread and finish with a spoon of yogurt on each, drizzle with a good extra virgin olive oil, more parsley leaves and enjoy this ultimate healthy-in-a-hurry breakfast.

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