Simple Rainbow Bowl.

                     Eat your colors! 

Sometimes it is all we need, simple yet powerful. All there is in this bowl is simply: 
                                           Sort of a local organic flat leaf lettuce, 
                                            Flat leaf kale,
                                            Some grated carrots and beets,
                                            Cherry tomatoes,
                                            Some cucumbers,
                                            An amazing avocado,
                                            Red onions.
                                          The dressing?
                                           Fresh squeezed lemon,
                                           2 tbsp organic coconut oil,
                                           salt & pepper.

You can add sunflower seed, pistachios, chia seeds, crushed almonds, blueberries, it is all up to the taste as long it is healthy.

Simple, refreshing, healthy, cleansing bowl of colors everyday. Eat well, be well.

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